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Welcome to page 2 of our frequently asked questions

As a general guide most anglers use a 30lb rod coupled to a multiplier reel such as a Mitchel, Penn, Shimano, Daiwa, etc.  Loaded with a 30lb line.  The terminal tackle usually consists of a zipp weight runner, swivel, snood (100lb mono) and either single or pennel 4/0 or 6/0 hook.  Skippers preference - viking mustad 79515 br. hook.  Depending on the strength of the tide and anglers experience 12 - 18lb outfits can be used.

This method of fishing is our speciality, producing far better results.  Typically a 7' to 9' uptide rod coupled to a Daiwa SL20 SH or Abu 7000 or similar is needed.  Terminal tackle as above.  Uptide casting is a technique perfected over many trips.

Do you provide tuition?
Yes, we offer every assistance from tackling up, bait preparation, tuition and netting fish.

What happens to the catch?
The catch is yours but bear in mind that Scooby Doo Too is a sport fishing operation.  We discourage large scale fish kills.  Where practical we adopt a catch and release approach.  It is illegal for us to sell fish we have captured.

What about conservation?
Undersized fish are automatically returned to the sea.  You will not offend me if you wish to return all your catch alive.  Just take what you want for your own consumption.

Are hot drinks provided?
Can't imagine fishing without a mug of tea.  We brew up throughout the day.  No plastic or tin mugs here!  We do have an oven in which we can heat pies, pasties, curries, etc.


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